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A revolutionary transcription service provided by our UK-based transcribers. Their British writing skills and understanding of local expressions and dialects ensure accurate transcriptions that capture the nuances of British English.


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Transcription services

Convert your audio and video files to text with 99% accuracy and guaranteed turnaround times.

Starting at £1.19/min

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Meeting minutes

Get traditional third-person minutes capturing the key discussion points, decisions and agreed actions.

Starting at £0.85/min

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Why choose Verbit Go?

Our UK-based transcribers are trained professionals that will ensure that the local expressions get properly transcribed. With their expertise, you can be confident that your transcription will reflect the nuances and intricacies of the language spoken by your speakers.

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Ideal for your industry

Verbit Go’s UK-based services are enjoyed by a wide range of professionals and industries. This includes but is not limited to: 


Legal professionals & law firms 

Our Verbatim and Intelligent Verbatim transcription services are ideal for all types of legal transcription.

Text file, documentation

Market research agencies 

Our audio transcription service is ideal for all your qualitative projects including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and more.


Consulting firms 

Our 100% human transcription ensures that your consulting firm gains valuable insights in an efficient manner.

Group of people

HR departments

Our fully encrypted platform ensures the security of sensitive and confidential information.

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