Verbit Captivate: a cost-effective way to caption all of your training and development needs

In today’s fast-paced world of corporate training and development, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to empower their employees with proper knowledge and skills. Adding captions and transcripts to your training materials and video content is one way to achieve this goal. Work with Verbit, the verbal intelligence platform for speech-intensive industries, and let our experience, technology and customized solutions increase employee engagement and enhance your training and support documents.

Benefits of captions and transcripts

  • Enhance employee comprehension, engagement and retention

  • Provide flexibility for self-paced learning

  • Promote an inclusive corporate culture

  • Comply with accessibility standards

Why choose Verbit


Live, prerecorded, and multilanguage captioning and transcription.

Latest technologies

Solutions built on advanced, proprietary AI technology.

Highest accuracy

Verbit Captivate + human transcribers = industry leading accuracy at a fraction of the cost.

We make it easy

Customizable solutions, fast delivery, support, and integrations for multiple file types and platforms.

Partner with us

As the leading provider of captioning and transcription services, Verbit works with a wide variety of corporate clients. From ensuring live event captioning that captures every moment to offering multilingual event captioning for a diverse audience engagement, our services are tailored to make every corporate event an inclusive experience.

Interested in learning more about our cost-effective and scalable solutions? Fill out our form and let one of our experts guide you through Verbit’s captioning services, custom-designed for your corporate needs.

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